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Education is the single most powerful lever to achieve greater equity.

Matterlab Studio helps education leaders unlock greater impact by building: Brands, Executive Communications, Reliable Revenue, Strategic Plan Rollouts, and Stories. We also work with education startups through an integration of all five partnerships.


We help leaders gain unstoppable momentum toward their organizational goals through compelling design, authentic photography, memorable messaging, and elevation of the right voices. As your biggest brand champions, we help you build greater trust and connection with your community.

This includes strategy and creation for:

  • New brands
  • Brand refreshes
  • Campaign brands

Executive Communications:

We help leaders enhance their credibility and visibility, expanding their organizations’ reach through mission-aligned messaging that comes from their unique voice and platform. As your coach and creative team, we help you compel audiences to act.

This includes strategy and creation for:

  • Superintendents, university presidents, CEOs, and Executive Directors
  • Impact reporting
  • Planned leadership transitions

Strategic Plan Rollouts:

We help leaders take ideas, pilots, and new plans and turn them into thriving initiatives and organizations through clear communications. Our experience ranges from small-scale rollouts of strategic pivots to large-scale rollouts of new organizations in emerging sectors. As your change communications experts, we help you navigate uncertainty and hold your team accountable along the way.

This includes strategy and creation for:

  • New organizations and initiatives
  • New strategic directions

Reliable Revenue:

We help leaders dig deep with their audiences in order to build relationships that result in sustainable revenue. As your positioning expert, we determine the right messages, the right channels, and the right moments to capitalize on so your organization can continually serve your community.

This includes strategy and creation for:

  • Fundraising campaigns
  • Recruitment and enrollment
  • Community engagement


We help leaders source and share tangible, real-life, purpose-driven stories that communicate impact. As your journalist-in-residence, we source and write stories that fuel your organization’s mission.

This includes strategy and creation for:

  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Sticky story opportunities
  • Written and spoken stories

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