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Education is the single most powerful lever to achieve greater equity.

Matterlab Studio helps nonprofit organizations within the education sector achieve greater equity impact.

Equity Impact Partnership:

This 12-month partnership is a step-by-step process for better defining, measuring, sharing, and expanding your impact. Year over year, Matterlab leads partners in equity impact strategy development and implementation through long-term goal setting, reorientation of work processes around impact, production of excellent, shelf-stable monthly deliverables in marketing and communication, expert coaching and workshops, benefits of a cohort experience, and more.

Strategic Campaigns:

We work with partners to co-design custom strategic projects, communication campaigns, and events to reach, influence, and activate target audiences and achieve greater, measurable equity impact. Strategic projects must directly drive topline organizational goals.

Branding for Impact:

In the impact space, your brand is more than a logo; it is a promise to your community about how your work will achieve lasting equity impact. Through compelling logomarks, authentic photography, well-sourced stories, memorable messaging, varied voices, and carefully crafted visuals, we help you create a brand with unstoppable momentum. Whether you need a completely new brand, a refresh, creative integration across internal efforts, or brand support for a new initiative, program, or collaboration, we have the strategic expertise and creative chops to get you there.

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