Why I’m Excited About Matterlab’s New President Position

by | November 18, 2021

When I first learned about Matterlab, I was stunned that an organization like it existed. I was struck by how a consultancy that focused on equity and education, while uplifting the crucial creative and strategic work that helps organizations thrive, was out there making an impact in the world. As soon as I heard about Matterlab, I became a fan and decided to follow them and learn more about their work. 

Flash forward a year, and now I am Matterlab’s first-ever Director of Content. It’s an incredible role where I get to build content strategy, help partners communicate effectively, and use language to help tell the life-changing stories that are so important to the equitable work organizations are doing.

This past August, the entire Matterlab team got together in Austin, TX (Matterlab’s home base) for our first-ever company-wide retreat. Colleagues from across the country got together to learn not only about Matterlab’s future but also about a new and exciting role for the Matterlab team: the hiring of its first President.

Our team works with dozens of education leaders and organizations helping them clarify and communicate their impact. I’ve been inspired by the creative savvy and strategic insight that comes from all members of the team, and a new President will only bring more innovation. Our client base has evolved and expanded over the last two years, and the business is growing more quickly than many of our current processes are positioned for, both of which make for an exciting and challenging inflection point. 

Our CEO and founder, Searcy Morgan, recently walked the team through why we’re choosing to prioritize the President role. Two things stood out:

  1. Searcy built and grew an agency without ever having worked at an agency herself. She built a team of people who have deep content expertise in creative communications, as well as deep sector experience in education, but we are an agency of non-agency people. That has served us well in terms of being able to push the boundaries of what an agency can and should be, and we expect to continue that trend across our team. But we’ve reached the point where we know our continued growth — and impact with partners — will be smoother and faster with a senior leader with agency or agency-like experience at the helm. For much of what we’ll face in the years ahead, it might be the first time we’ve faced it, but it won’t be the first time they have.
  2. We recently launched Matterlab Ventures, which starts and supports businesses working to solve problems in the education sector. Matterlab Ventures, currently supporting two ventures, is just getting started, and there’s so much potential. For Searcy to be able to spend time on that important new work within The Matterlab Group, we know we need a leader with a steady hand guiding Matterlab daily.

The Matterlab team has more than doubled each year since launching in 2017, both in terms of our team members and our clients. We’re moving forward with a bold vision for our future. This incoming Matterlab President will help drive us forward in ways we’ve imagined (which are in the job description) and ways we probably haven’t even imagined yet. I spoke to Searcy about this exciting opportunity and she shared:

“We are looking for someone who wants to work at the unique intersection of education, creative communications, and business — someone who is as excited and comfortable challenging existing notions of impact and creating new ones as they are managing and growing a multimillion dollar P&L. And they have to believe deeply in the power of a story, which drives everything we do.”

Working at Matterlab has been an incredible experience and I know this new role — and person — will make that experience even more exciting. I’m looking forward to seeing where we are a year from now and all the positive impact that will happen along the way. 

Ready to join us as Matterlab’s President, or know someone who is? Apply or nominate today.

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