Case Study

Helping students find their just-right schools

By the numbers:

Publicly available, real time eviction filings

1,847 leads

Increased participation in women and infant children nutrition program

303 students

The fastest child poverty reduction rate in America

183 students

Over $100 million of redirected public funds

$24M revenue generated for schools in lifetime value of enrollments

How Matterlab Helped

Our experts strategized on the following core offerings:

Digital Ads

Created and ran digital ads on behalf of districts and schools, using specific targets around grade levels, age ranges, geographic locations, and more


Generated family contacts (leads) for schools to engage in recruitment efforts


Actively advised school leaders on best practices to convert applications into enrollments

A Collaborative Effort to Break the Cycle

The Strategy:

A digital marketing campaign to help students and schools

The Matterlab team includes former educators, charter network leaders, marketing leads, and communications experts. Using our education sector knowledge and creative expertise, we developed enrollment strategies and digital advertising campaigns to serve districts and schools with a specific focus on recruitment. The increase in per pupil funding created more opportunities for students and allowed districts to run all of their intended programs.

“Matterlab has helped our school tremendously with marketing and recruitment during our busiest times of the year. Having been former educators, the staff is extremely helpful and knowledgeable about marketing and recruitment for schools. The ads they’ve produced on social media have definitely broadened our presence in our community and surrounding communities. Matterlab requires minimal work on our end and our enrollment has definitely increased due to their campaigns.”

— Kristen McDowell, Marshall Academy

The Background:

A missing matchmaking link between schools and families

The challenge to find the just-right fit school for students is twofold: First, families are always seeking the best possible educational opportunities for their students, and that can often mean outside of their traditional neighborhood schools. Second, school enrollment has been a challenge for charter schools seeking to create impact in communities across the United States. Existing efforts — boots on the ground, direct mail, and family referral programs — were producing sluggish and inconsistent results. There had to be a way to build awareness for families and build a stronger recruitment strategy for schools — and that’s where Matterlab came in.

“Matterlab is truly a professional company with staff who are experts, warm, upbeat, and efficient. It has been such a pleasure to work with them!”

— Marya Murray-Diaz, KIPP Eastern North Carolina & Durham

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