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Matterlab exists to reimagine entire systems around equity in education, because incremental progress isn’t enough when the mission is creating better outcomes for all.

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Become an undeniable force for change

For nonprofits, schools, and education leaders doing something big, something different, something that matters, we can help. At Matterlab, we help leaders clarify, communicate, and expand their impact.

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Educational equity is our why. We approach every organization, every challenge, and every opportunity with equity at the center. Matterlab provides the tools to catalyze impact, the content to amplify voices, the partnership to advance your work, and the community to push you further.

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Communicating what matters

Why I’m Excited About Matterlab Studio’s New President Position

Why I’m Excited About Matterlab Studio’s New President Position

When I first learned about The Matterlab Group, I was stunned that an organization like it existed. I was struck by how a consultancy that focused on equity and education, while uplifting the crucial creative and strategic work that helps organizations thrive, was out...

Why Matterlab?

Why Matterlab?

“Sounds like a great place to work! I wonder why the agency is named Matterlab?” That was my initial thought after my first conversation about the possibility of joining Matterlab. Let’s take it back a little further.

You have what it takes

We understand that mission statements sometimes sit on the backburner while day-to-day tasks take up your time and energy. Let us help you break the cycle and ignite your opportunities to change the world.

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Matterlab has helped over 50 partners meet the urgent need to create more equitable pathways to economic empowerment. We work with leaders across the education spectrum — nonprofits, for-profits, foundations, and startups — those on a mission to increase equity for young people in America.

Searcy Morgan

CEO + Founder

“This is my life’s work – building tools and community around greater equity impact for children and families.”

Teddy Johnson


“I’m a Consultant at Matterlab, working directly with partners on a daily basis to increase their equity impact. Matterlab’s mission and values speak to who I am at my core, and when I was hired, I could tell the team was as excited about me as I am about them. We’ve got a lot of work to do – together.”

Jose Moreno

Graphic Designer

“When I design graphics for our partners, I feel like I’m designing for my own community, because I see myself in these kids’ shoes. They deserve the best from their schools – from all of us.”

Career-ready skill development in rural areas


A teaching force that reflects the students they teach


Access to an excellent education with low to no debt


Representation of women in STEM careers


Summer sleep-away camp that nurtures confidence and independence


Connect your work to your why.