From Revamp to Reveal: The “Flip the Switch” Guide to Any Rebrand

by | June 28, 2024

From Revamp to Reveal: The "Flip the Switch" Guide to Any Rebrand

Is your brand identity stuck in an AOL era? Does your logo scream “early 2000s” while your social media shouts “modern chic”? Ditch branding dial-up. It’s time to “Flip the Switch” and hit the refresh button on your organizational visual identity.

At Matterlab, we believe that a strong, consistent brand identity is an important pillar of credibility and trust. But achieving this consistency isn’t just about the design itself – it’s heavily influenced by the rollout. How you “go live” with your new brand can make or break its impact. That’s why we developed the “Flip the Switch” rebranding process –  a journey in which we take you from initial ideas to a stress-free brand launch. We care deeply about making the entire rebrand process seamless, from the moment you decide to redo your brand to the final, cohesive rollout across your socials, website, and collateral.

Imagine this: You land on a company’s website with a sleek, modern design. But then, you check their social media profiles, and they use a completely different set of fonts and colors. Finally, you open an email, and the logo looks like a low-resolution afterthought compared to the website. It’s not even clear who the email is from. The visual inconsistency screams one thing loud and clear: there was no plan in place for this rollout. When we see touchpoints that feel aligned and intentional, we implicitly gauge that an organization has their act together, at some base level. When we spot inconsistencies, we start to doubt whether they do.

The Digital Age of Attention Scarcity
Every minute of the day, individuals are bombarded with countless organizations vying for their attention. A first impression holds immense power. Here at Matterlab, we believe a cohesive and focused brand rollout plan is the key to any brand sticking. 

💡 Did you know? A recent study revealed that 89% of consumers are more likely to trust a brand with a consistent visual identity across all channels [Source: Lucidpress: Top Branding Statistics You Need to Know in 2024].💡 

Flipping the Switch: A Seamless Brand Migration
When your brand elements are locked and loaded, our meticulous “Flip the Switch” process ensures a smooth and impactful rollout – whether it’s a total transformation or a gentle evolution, visually. Need to figure out the refresh first? Learn more here.

Here’s how we “Flip the Switch”:

  1. Train the Team: Rebrands can feel overwhelming, with multiple teams and stakeholders involved. That’s completely normal! We understand navigating a rebrand can feel like a complex to-do list. That’s why we make the process seamless – we collaborate closely with all your teams and stakeholders to ensure everyone is on the same page. This includes training your staff on the new brand guidelines and setting clear timelines for a flawless launch.
  2. Ten Days To Launch Day: For ten business days leading up to launch day, we conduct our specific “day-by-day play-by-play” to preload your launch. This is a complete set of unglorious but vital action items to prepare for Launch Day. Interested in seeing the list? Reach out to our team!
  3. Launch Day: On the chosen date, we “Flip the Switch”. All your platforms and materials are updated simultaneously, creating a unified brand experience for your audience.
    This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to delete older posts that feature your previous brand style. Most people either won’t notice or will appreciate seeing how your brand has grown and evolved. Deleting old content can sometimes look like you’re hiding something, so we usually suggest leaving it as is.
  4. Post-Launch Monitoring:  Our job isn’t done after the switch is flipped. We keep an eye on new posts to ensure they fit your new brand guidelines. Together, we focus on making sure new content looks consistent and polished. We can help create surveys to gather feedback from your audience on the updated look. Their insight can help your rebrand better resonate with its key audience – sometimes this leads to explaining the reasons behind the change in a more compelling way.

Matterlab Prepares to Flip its Own Switch
At Matterlab, we’re always evolving and refining our approach. As we continue to help our clients achieve brand consistency and trust, we’re also excited to announce some exciting updates of our own! Stay tuned for a refreshed and even more impactful Matterlab brand experience coming soon.✨

Ready to “Flip the Switch” on Your Brand?
Ditch the branding chaos and “Flip the Switch” with Matterlab. Let’s build a brand your audience can’t resist!  Contact us today to discuss how we can help you achieve brand consistency and build a brand your audience never wants to mute.

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