And the 2022 Inc. Best in Business are…

by | January 4, 2023

I had to see the magazine in print before it really set in.

In December 2022, we learned we’d been selected as one of 240 winners nationwide for Inc.’s Best in Business, right alongside incredible, some even iconic companies we know, love, and support:

Cotopaxi, which donates from 1 to 3 percent of its revenue to charity. (Revenue! Sometimes that can mean all or most of their actual profit!).

The Mom Project, the digital talent marketplace with over a million parent members who get access to flexible economic opportunities.

Chief, tackling the C-suite gender gap.

CareAcademy, on a mission to upskill America’s home caregivers, on whom almost every single American family will rely at some point in their family’s trajectory.

Harry’s, doing more than just selling men’s personal care products — investing resources in mental health advocacy, too.

Genuine Foods, feeding kids in K-12 schools genuinely good, healthy food from known sources with balanced macronutrients.

Reformation, releasing vintage-inspired clothing that combats fast fashion trends by being carbon neutral and promoting sustainability through every step of the supply chain.

Modern Meadow, the protein research powerhouse that has created proprietary products like Bio-Collagen (100% animal-free) that can play a role in everything from beauty to bone replacement compatibility.

And… Matterlab.

This “Best in Business” designation is about purpose over profit, and I think we won because every single thing we do is purpose-driven. Our tagline is: Our mission is advancing your mission. And we take that to heart.

We’re a small shop. We aren’t flashy. We don’t do marketing campaigns (for ourselves, that is). And we don’t get a lot of earned media. What we do is the work — helping leaders in the education sector clarify their identity and communicate their impact.

We need the incredible leaders who are transforming life outcomes for children every day across America to be massively successful. Period. When I say “we” I mean you reading this right now, your parents, your children, me and the Matterlab team, literally everybody needs those leaders to win. Why? Because when they succeed, our children succeed, and when children succeed, so do our communities, our nation, and our collective future. Every child deserves a life full of optimism and opportunity. So many talented and visionary leaders are working to make that the reality, and I’m proud to say that my team at Matterlab gives them the strategic support across communications, brand and identity that they need to succeed.

Each talented member of my Matterlab team sees communications as a leadership skill — so that leaders can communicate their vision, reach their communities, and motivate their staff working to transform life outcomes for children every day. We are so grateful that we get to equip them with that essential skill — all while putting purpose over profit. Thank you, Inc., for recognizing what we do! We’re taking it as encouragement to do even better.

Matterlab Founder + CEO Searcy Morgan will be speaking at Inc. Magazine’s Founder’s House on Sunday March 12th at 11:00am CT.

The Matterlab team invites you to come and visit with us at the event! To register to attend, click here.

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