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by | March 19, 2020

Just as the COVID-19 global pandemic resulted in school closures, event cancellations, and mandated shelter-in-place notices across the US, we found ourselves mere days away from a much-anticipated all-day interview experience with incredible candidates. We thought about canceling entirely, but we are growing – even amidst the current chaos – and we were incredibly eager to meet these impressive individuals.

In the midst of the anxiety, fear, confusion, childcare challenges and more that come with this pandemic – all nine showed up, ready to engage, ready to learn, ready to share, fully focused.

We exist to support organizations in their work to transform life outcomes for children and families, and the work we do is critical now more than ever. This pandemic will have far-reaching economic impact, and families in already under-resourced communities will be hardest hit. Those of us who choose to dedicate our careers to social impact have an opportunity to step it up even further – to be even more precise in what we prioritize, to eliminate non-essential work and distractions, to double down on the work we identify as having the great opportunity to have the greatest impact for the greatest number of people.

The social impact space is full of incredible individuals capable of changing the world. Our interview day reinspired us about that fact.

Here’s a list of some incredible questions they asked, and ones you should also be asking – wherever you work or may be interviewing:

  • What is Matterlab’s strategic direction or roadmap over the next 3-5 years?
  • How has the leadership team grown and evolved since Matterlab’s founding in late 2017?
  • What is Matterlab doing in the way of diversity, equity, and inclusion work, and how do you hope to best represent your clients as you continue to grow?
  • What are the top questions you are grappling with as a company right now?
  • Defining impact can be frustrating and difficult. How do you define social impact? How do you define success as a company? Are those things the same?
  • When have you had to make a truly difficult call with a client, and what was your decision-making process like?
  • What does it look like when the team is collaborating and supporting one another?
  • In the partnership model that Matterlab conducts with clients, what’s working best and what’s not working?
  • How will you know – 30, 60, 90 days or a year from now – if you’ve hired the right person for this role?

Whatever you’re doing right now to drive social impact, trust that you are the right person for that role. The children and families who benefit from your work and the communities they and we are a part of need your special gifts and contributions, now more than ever.


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