The World Needs Your Impact

by | March 23, 2020

If we take precautions seriously, we can slow the spread of COVID-19 and protect our most vulnerable family and community members from illness. Right now, what the world needs from you is clear – social distance and wear a mask.

And what about after this passes? When life returns to normal? What does the world need from you then?

The world needs your impact.

What problem keeps you up at night? What do you want to solve? What will you feel most proud of when you look back over twenty, thirty, or forty years of effort?

Do you want to revolutionize how humans source protein?

Do you want to remove carbon from the atmosphere?

Do you want to create 10,000 high-quality jobs?

Do you want to use AI for better drug discovery?

Do you want to help ensure the workforce at all levels is more diverse?

Do you want to be a pioneer in sea water desalination?

Do you want to build a model and a setting for teaching true critical thinking?

Do you want to build financial products that meet diverse consumers where they are?

Do you want to scale tuition-free microschools to rural areas?

Do you want to be at the forefront of figuring out where else we can live, besides Earth?

Maybe one of those – or something similar – appeals to you. Maybe you are more motivated by direct interaction and intervention, by connection, by relationship. Maybe you want your community to be trash-free. Maybe you want to foster siblings. Maybe you want to commit to delivering meals to those in need every Saturday for a year. Maybe you want to parent differently, with more of an equity-lens. Maybe you want to volunteer for the board of your local chapter of Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Think it through and ask yourself how solving the problem contributes to greater equity in our nation and world.

At Matterlab, we are laser focused on supporting organizations whose work transforms life outcomes for children and families. That’s our north star.


Whatever gets you going – get going.

Connect your work to your why.

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