Everyone deserves

to thrive.

The promise of this nation is that anyone can achieve anything they set their mind to. That’s only possible on an equitable playing field. Your organization can create equity impact by helping improve access to support, opportunities, and resources for children and families.

Building a bridge to equity impact

Equity is about individuals, families, and communities having what they need to succeed on their own terms. This won’t be solved in an afternoon – we’re with you for the long haul to put the right structures in place that will yield compounding improvements over time, using real benchmarks like health, security, and economic empowerment.

there’s an urgent need to create more equitable outcomes for all

New systems today. Better outcomes for life.

At Matterlab, we’re laser-focused on supporting organizations that are transforming life outcomes for children and families. Every lived experience is different, and we exist to protect, preserve, and promote equity impact over time based on what your community needs most.

Career-ready skill development in rural areas


A teaching force that reflects the students they teach


Access to an excellent education with low to no debt


Representation of women in STEM careers


Summer sleep-away camp that nurtures confidence and independence


Connect your work to your why.