Clarify your identity. Communicate your impact.

Clarify Your Identity
Our Expertise

Our expertise

Matterlab is a communications agency that helps mission-driven leaders clarify their identity and communicate their impact. We launch and amplify organizations, strategies, and content that will positively impact young people and their communities.

Our Services

We guide leaders to clarify their identity and communicate their impact. Starting with your organization’s equity lens, we build brands, communications, go-to-market strategies, and content and training that drive your biggest goals.

Clarify Process
All Partnerships Start Here:


If you have ever…

  • lamented the fact that everyone at the organization talks about the work differently…
  • written something on behalf of your organization and then thought, “I’m not sure if this is the right tone”…
  • felt like there’s a latent tension in how your vision, mission, and strategy all fit together (or don’t)…

…then you’ve experienced the consequences of an unclear identity.

Through the Clarify process, we get to know you (really know you), and you get to know yourself on a deeper level. From there, we can make better recommendations, gaze into the future with you, and build resilient and powerful tools for you to expand your impact. The Clarify process makes possible everything that comes after.

Our Identity process includes:

  • Stakeholder Insights
  • Communications Audit
  • Identity Guide (the seven staples of your identity)
  • Visual Identity Scorecard
  • Identity + Messaging Training


We develop and deploy engaging brands aligned with your identity to help you gain unstoppable momentum toward your organizational goals. As your biggest brand champions, we help you build greater trust and connection with your community.

Our brand services include:

  • Naming
  • Brands, Rebrands, Campaign Brands
  • Visual Identity (Brand/Rebrand)
  • Brand Toolkit
  • Brand Guide
  • Brand Rollout Strategy and Action Plan
  • Brand Training for Your Team
Brand Process
Launch Process

Communications Strategies

We take ideas, pilots, and strategic plans and turn them into thriving initiatives and organizations through clear communications. We ensure your strategic plan is more than a piece of paper. Through compelling and consistent messaging, we bring your direction to life and bring your internal and external stakeholders along to usher in the next era. Our experience ranges from small-scale rollouts of strategic pivots to large-scale rollouts of new initiatives in emerging sectors.

You walk away with the following:

  • High-utility Communications Strategy
  • Prioritization Checklist
  • Action Plan
  • Progress Check-ins

Our services include communications strategies for:

  • Strategic Plan Rollouts
  • Talent Brands
  • Internal Communications
  • Go-To-Market Launches
  • Fundraising Plans
  • Initiative Launches
  • Thought Leadership
  • And more!

Cohorts + Convenings

We bring together leaders across the nonprofit, social impact, and foundation sectors who are all working toward a common vision — ensuring young people thrive. Through customized cohort and training experiences, we support leaders to develop excellent communications to be able to better advance their missions.

Our Cohorts + Convenings services include:

  • Communications Intensive
  • Internal Communications Intensive
  • Fundraising Intensive
  • Board + Donor Relations Intensive
  • Media Relations, Speaking, + Pitch Intensive
  • Digital Personal Brand Intensive
  • Executive Thought Partnership Intensive
Cohorts + Convenings
Communication Retainer

Executive Communicatons

Claim the conversations you want to be part of. For leaders aiming to make a name for themselves and their organizations, we provide behind-the-scenes, custom support ranging from speechwriting and talking points to press and conference placement.

Our executive communications services include:


Strategic Advising

  • Implementing your Launch Strategy with an Action Plan to bring your work to life (strategic plan, go-to-market strategy, and/or communications strategy)
  • Creating deliverables aligned with your Action Plan


  • Speechwriting
  • Executive Ghostwriting
  • Team Bio Curation
  • Talking Points
  • Presentation Transformation
  • Story Generation
  • Case Study Curation
  • Media Placement, Monitoring, Response
  • Digital Personal Brand
  • Annual Reporting
  • Donor Relations


Communication is the crucial last mile of every strategy. Once you’ve set your organization’s strategic direction, communications strategy, talent goals, or fundraising targets, we plan and implement the rollout to ensure it’s more than just good intentions on a piece of paper. Through campaigns and messaging, we bring your direction to life and empower your internal and external audiences with what you want them to know, feel, and do.

Our Rollout services include:

  • High-utility Rollout Strategy
  • Strategic Plan Talking Points
  • Evaluative Research
  • Branded and Designed Strategic Plan
  • One-page Strategic Plan Overview
  • Presentation Template
  • Audience-specific Email Content
  • Audience-specific Talking Points

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