Communication Intensive Hosted by the Barr Foundation and Matterlab

December 4-5, 2023
Framingham, MA

Leading With Why is a two-day communication intensive designed for education leaders working toward high school transformation in New England. Participants will hone communication as a core leadership skill.

Led by Matterlab and powered by the Barr Foundation, the intensive combines real-time development of communication pieces, expert coaching, and strategic guidance for a high-utility, high-impact experience.


About Matterlab & the Barr Foundation

Matterlab is an identity agency that leads strategic communication for foundations, schools, and nonprofits transforming life outcomes for children and families. Matterlab helps leaders clarify and communicate who they are, what they do, and how they make an impact. Driven by a commitment to equity and impact, Matterlab has worked with 400 leaders nationwide to date. Learn more

The Barr Foundation focuses on three areas: Arts & Creativity, Climate, and Education. This is complemented by grantmaking to strengthen New England’s social sector, and by targeted, time-limited special initiatives. Barr’s Education Program focuses on human potential and the critical role public high schools play in helping young people – especially students of color and other students who have been systemically marginalized – discover and actualize their unbounded potential. Learn more

Together, Matterlab and the Barr Foundation partner to ensure transformative education leaders in New England hone communication as a core leadership competency and mindset. Through convenings, content creation, and executive coaching, the partnership positions leaders to communicate their visions with clarity and consistency.

Registration & Preparation




The Communication Intensive will take place at the Sheraton Framingham Hotel & Conference Center.

1657 Worcester Road
Framingham, MA 01701


Day 1: Monday, December 4 

8:00 — Breakfast
9:00 — Leading with Why
11:00 — Session 1: Developing the Why
12:00 — Lunch
12:45 — Gallery Walk
1:15 — Session 2: Developing the How
2:15 — Session 3: Developing the What
3:30 — Peer and Program Officer Review
4:00 — Finalizing the Deck
4:30 — End-of-day Reflections
5:00 — Optional Happy Hour
6:30Optional Group Dinner

Day 2: Tuesday, December 5

8:30 — Breakfast and reflection
9:15 — From Why to Work: Connecting the Dots
10:15 — Session 1: Know, Feel, Do
11:30 — Lunch
12:15 — Session 2: Effective Framing
1:30 — Presentations and Coaching
4:00 — Closing Ceremony


Matterlab Facilitation Team

Jessie Collins, Vice President
Lead Facilitator

Searcy Morgan, Founder & CEO
Small Group Facilitator

Lane Lowe, Co-founder & President
Small Group Facilitator

Sarah Pendley, Strategist
Small Group Facilitator

Nique Mayo, Senior Manager
Small Group Facilitator

Tatiana Johnson-Boria, Communication Consultant
Small Group Facilitator

Karen Thomas, Communication Consultant
Small Group Facilitator

Tsihai Hanson, Communication Consultant
Small Group Facilitator

Yolanda Cano, Communication Consultant
Small Group Facilitator


Please reach out to Anna Yarbrough at ayarbrough@matterlab.org and the Matterlab team will get back to you soon! 

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