Enrollment Services

Grow your enrollment. Fulfill your mission.

Access to opportunity changes lives

High-quality education is transformative. That’s why we support organizations focused on increasing access and options for children and families.

Plain and simple, we believe more students should be able to attend high-quality schools. It’s about more than numbers – it’s about growing lifelong opportunities starting today.

Digital advertising is the most effective way to reach families with your message and drive enrollment. We help your school, district, or program generate interest at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising, allowing you to use your resources to build deeper connections with prospective families.

How it works

Matterlab Enrollment serves districts and schools with a specific focus on student recruitment and retention through digital advertising. Our process helps convert more interested families so you can become fully enrolled and fully funded.

  • Develop specific targets around grade levels, age ranges, geographic locations, and more.
  • Create and run digital ads on your behalf across the best platforms to reach your audience.
  • Create a branded landing page for your ad campaign hosted on your domain (e.g. applynow.yourURL.org).
  • Generate family contacts (leads) for you to engage.
  • Actively advise all school partners on best practices to convert leads into enrollments.
  • Pay for all ads. Schools pay only for the applications they receive.
  • Share regular updates on campaign performance and lead tracking in a weekly report.

Launch your campaign in as little as two weeks. Contact us to grow your program today.