The Matterlab Manifesto

by | November 2, 2020

Changing the world is more than a mantra—it’s possible. What stands in the way? Education organizations have deeply compelling reasons for being, but too often their visions for the future sit on the backburner while daily tasks siphon precious capacity and resources.

We exist to break that cycle and accelerate equity—the measure that matters most. Equity is about individuals, families, and communities having what they need to succeed on their own terms. Together with leaders and communities, we work to codify, measure, and scale your work connected to your why. We will help you unlock compounding improvements that move beyond current outputs and outcomes to greater impact.

There’s an urgent need to create more equitable pathways and economic empowerment for all Americans—and it starts with education. Matterlab provides the tools to catalyze impact, the content to amplify voices, the partnership to advance your programs, the community to push you further, and the framework to reimagine entire systems for greater equity. In pursuit of the dignity that every human deserves, incremental progress isn’t enough. Let’s change our world.


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