We Are Matterlab: Afzal’s Top 3 Social Media Strategy Tips

by | November 30, 2021

Afzal Habiban, Digital Advertising Specialist, is a digital content expert with years of experience helping businesses and organizations build a strong and authentic digital presence. A strong and authentic digital presence doesn’t happen overnight; it happens with intentional strategy.

Is it time for you to use an effective strategy for your social media channels? Learn how:

Lots of brands, companies, and organizations struggle with finding the right balance of content for their social media strategy. No matter the industry, the content you create for social media should be unique to your audience and goals, especially nonprofit and education organizations with missions to change lives. So why is it that some brands succeed while others are left in the depths of search results never to be clicked on again? This means that It’s time to get innovative!

  1. Use a genuine perspective that represents your organization and resonates with your audience.

Emphasis on genuine. The right content and voice for your social media strategy is one that aligns best with your brand and personifies your organization. No conversions, clicks, purchases, or submissions will occur if your social media strategy isn’t rooted in a meaningful and unique voice – one that gives shape to your organization’s identity. Make sure you answer the ever-so-important rhetorical question that will be in the minds of your audience, “Why should I be investing my time or money in this?” Establishing the right tone that goes along with your content is vital to a sound social media strategy. Allow the authenticity of your unique brand to speak for itself. Use personal stories, employee achievements, product history, and a fresh take on content that viewers will not be able to find anywhere else.

  1. Post content when users are the most active.

An age old misconception is that no matter the time of day, social media content will always be seen. While there is some truth there, we want the content to be seen by the right audience. Automated social media tools can help schedule posts so the content is ready to go, firing on all cylinders. Weekday mornings and afternoons are high-traffic times as users scroll through their phones on breaks, and weekends tend to perform better for social media content based on extracurricular activities, entertainment, and sports.

  1. The higher quality content, the higher engagement you will receive.

Whatever your audience may be searching for, the stronger and clearer the description, image, or video, the higher chance they will click. When we are researching, shopping, or just scrolling on our favorite social media channels, we tend to click on the brightest, shiniest posts. When posting images or video, ensure the content is visually appealing and viewable on mobile for an optimal experience. If using photos of people, make sure the subject is in clear view and not obstructed. If the information is text to inform, make sure it is easily digestible for your target audience to gain insight.

All of these tips may be implemented one step at a time with an intentional strategy in place. Social media policies and the overall landscape are always evolving. The most valuable tip I can provide is to remain on trend and up to speed at all times. Adapt to the movements and styles of social media and the engagement will speak for itself.

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