6 Marketing Grants for Nonprofit Capacity-Building

by | August 14, 2023

Did you know that there are grants available to provide much-needed support to organizations like yours in creating and executing communication strategies? These capacity-building grants offer a range of technical assistance support, from identity workshops to branding initiatives, that can level up your nonprofit’s marketing efforts and leave a lasting impact on your community.

By now, you know just how important marketing and communications are for your nonprofit. After all, how will your audiences know about your organization if you don’t have the right communications strategy in place? These strategic efforts play a crucial role in raising awareness about your mission, goals, and impact.

Marketing not only builds trust and credibility but also fosters a positive reputation, which in turn strengthens your ability to secure funding and form partnerships. Moreover, effective communication allows you to share your inspiring stories, notable achievements, and the challenges you address, sparking empathy and motivating individuals to take action. Whether it’s through a new brand, an engaging social media presence, or public relations endeavors, a robust marketing and communications strategy empowers nonprofits like yours to amplify their voice, expand their reach, and ultimately make a significant difference in the communities they serve.

However, we know that limited resources can often pose challenges when it comes to implementing effective marketing strategies. That’s where grants come into the picture.

So, let’s delve into these funding options and how your organization can leverage them to thrive.

This matchmaking platform pairs education nonprofits with vetted experts (Matterlab is one of them!) and funding to support specific projects. Their mission is to build capacity at scale.

Learn how to apply here.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Fighting global inequities for the past 20 years, the foundation does provide funding for marketing initiatives. While the foundation’s primary focus is on global health, education, and poverty alleviation, the foundation recognizes the importance of effective communication and outreach in achieving goals.

Learn how to apply here.

NBCUniversal Local Impact Grants
This program offers grants to help eligible nonprofits enhance their storytelling efforts and communication strategies. Grant categories include Next Generation Storytellers, Youth Education & Empowerment, and  Community Engagement.

Learn how to apply here.

The NEA Foundation Grants
The foundation provides various grants to support public school educators and their schools. While not specific to storytelling, their grants can enhance communication efforts, including projects that involve storytelling, multimedia creation, and community engagement.

Learn how to apply here.

Make It Better Foundation
Cash grants are provided to nonprofits that will leverage media platforms and forge creative alliances to amplify their mission and fundraising efforts.

Learn how to apply here.

Google Ad Grants
The Google Ad Grants program provides free Google Ads to select charitable organizations. Each qualifying nonprofit has access to up to $10,000 per month in search ads shown on Google.com. Additional Google Ads may be purchased in a separate account.

Learn how to apply here.

Don’t forget to review each grant program’s eligibility criteria, the application process, and funding guidelines to determine the best fit for your nonprofit. We hope this helps you find the funding to get the support you need. And if that entails communications, let’s connect!

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