7 Staples to Craft Your Organizational Identity

by | October 7, 2020

Your organizational identity humanizes your work and allows all audiences to connect with who you are in a way that feels deeply relational.  At Matterlab we believe there are seven staples to consider when developing your organizational identity. The seven staples are a set of core credences by which your organization lives and breathes. Your organization’s staples are the mind, heart, and soul of the work. They work collectively to keep organizational initiatives grounded, focused, cohesive in thought and execution, and above all, intentional. Here you go!

  1. Vision – The long-term hope for the world as it relates to the communities and individuals you exist to support
  2. Mission – The significant role your organization plays is contributing to that vision
  3. Model – The program, platform, or services your organization leverages in order to bring the mission to life
  4. Values – The cornerstone commitments that guide decision-making
  5. Beliefs – The ideas and hopes that make your work a necessity
  6. Visuals – The creative representation of your organization
  7. Voice – The guiding personality attributes that determine how you share out all of the above, both internally and externally

As a nonprofit organization, you are in the business of partnering with and supporting people. When your team has clarity around your organizational identity and how that identity would manifest in human characteristics, the audience can be invited into a two-way, life-giving relationship.

How are your seven staples? Do one or two or three need some work? It doesn’t have to be a huge project or one that requires budget or a partner like Matterlab. What it does require is some time for reflection, your team coming together at the table, and some intentionality about who you really are.

Connect your work to your why.

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